Morača River has formed one of the most beautiful canyons in Montenegro, which divides Morača Mountain Range from Sinjajevina Mountain Range. Morača flows from northern Montenegro, underneath Rzača Mountain, at elevation of 975 meters. In the region of Kolašin, its tributaries are Koštanica, Sjevernica, Trnovačka River, Javor Stream i Slatina. Left bank tributaries are Mrtvice, Ibrištica, Tarnja, and Slatina, and right bank tributaries are Mrtvice, Ibrištica, Ratnja i Požanjski Stream. Exept for Platije Canyon, Mrtvica, right bank tributary of Morača River also flows almost entirely through the less-known canyon of breathtaking beauty. The area of Morača Canyon is characterized by steep slopes cut with deep gorges and canyons. Morača flows south, and after 113 kilometers flows into Lake Skadar. In the northern part of its flow, Morača is a fast mountain river, cutting the canyon north of Podgorica. Morača enters Zeta Plain and flows through this part of Montenegro until it enters Lake Skadar, being its largest tributary.