Caffe bar
„Sibirska 5“ is located in the city centre. Good service and a pleasant
ambience are one of the main reasons why be our guests. 

„Napoleon“ caffe has been working since
1982. Today, along with the decade- old trademark of the French Emperior
Napoleon Bonaparta, remembered as one of the greatest military leaders, it has
became a favorite corner for artistic souls, with the blessing of the French
Embassy. In this caffe, artists from Kolasin are enabled to exibit their works,
it is the centre of the poetry evenings, French music, with a diverse
assortment of the famous wines and the inevitable French cognac.

The owner of the caffe, Vesko Sekulic,
found the idea for the name in the story of his grandfather, who bought the
house where the caffee is located with Napoleon
’s gold coins during the Second World War.

In this artistic corner you can see
life-size sculpture of Napoleon, his clothes, as well as other details from his
life. The sculpture of Napoleon was made by the academic sculptor Zoran
Obrenovic from Kolasin. The hat was made by the French National Theater, while
his uniform was sewn by the National Theater from Belgrade. You can feel the
presence of the french romance, candlelights and chandeliers, tablecloths,
glasses… At the caffee you can listen to jazz, blues and french music.

Select is located in the city center, across the main town square. The ambience

of the caffe is adapted for pleasant moments with dear people or having a first

coffee in the morning with the daily press and magazines, all with pleasant
music and friendly staff.

time: Every day from od 07:00 – 00:00h (winter time) i od 07:00 – 01:00h
(summer time)

Club Select is the only night club in Kolasin and one of the most famous clubs
at the north of Montenegro. If you are a fan of good music and parties, you
should visit this night club, which is the synonym for the best parties in the
city for almost a decade. We offer a large number of alcoholic and
non-alcoholic drinks and the friendly staff will do their best to make you feel
comfortable during your stay in our club. It is up to you to visit us, and we
will do our best to brighten up your evening.

time: Night Club Select is open all year round, on Saturdays from 00:00 –
04:00h (winter time) i od 01:00 – 04:00h (summer time). During the winter and
summer seasons, we organize parties on Fridays at the same time.

Vojvode Mine bb

Telephone:+382 67 578 678

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Facebook page:

Instagram: select.kolasin

Lounge bar La Manche is located in the very center of
Kolasin. This is the place with the pleasant ambiance and tasty dishes,
desserts and drinks. La Manche is a place with friendly staff, where the quality
of your enjoyment comes first. The modern and pleasant interior will make every
moment spent with us special. Visit us and enjoy the large selection of drinks,
food and desserts.

Adress: IV Proleterske

Telephone: +382 69823 263

Gorštak pub

Kontakt telefon: