At 1018 m a.s.l, there is a botanical garden unique in Montenegro. It was established in 1981 and it is the only one in the Montenegro with indigenous species of mountain areas flora (Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Komovi and Durmitor). In the garden today, across an area of 646 m², there are more than 400 plant species, among those a large number of endemic types and more than 80% medicinal herbs.

The garden has a database (and it is used for monitoring the morphology and growth stages of certain plants) a library and a photo collection.

The founder of this unique botanical garden is Daniel Vincek, man in love with Kolasin and its nature, who dedicated thirty years of his life to protection of Montenegrin mountain flora. He can teach you about medicinal herbs, rare and protected plant species, as well as many curiosities about the town itself and its history. In his honor, Alchemilla vulgaris plant was named Alchemilla Vinceki.

There are 3200 higher plant species growing across the area of less than 14000 km², which puts Montenegro into the fifth position in the world. There are 120 endemic species among them, and the most of them can be classified as medicinal herbs.

Plants were often named after geographical points where they were discovered, as well as important people of that period, for example: Alchemilla vulgaris of Montenegro, Montenegrin potentilla tonnentilla, King Nikola’s violet, Queen Milena’s rose.

The garden is famous for: Pinus Peuce, a unique European pine with five needles, an endemic species of the central part of the Balkans peninsula, which is on the protected plant species list.

Orchis morio, Colchicum Autumnale used for producing the traditional oriental aphrodisiac sahlab. – Wulfenia blecicii, Acanthus balcanicus, Arnica Montana, Cachrys ferulacea, -Centaurea gjurasinii, Chamaecytisus hirsutum, Helleborus – Hyssopus officinalis Juniperus Sabina.

The garden is ran and maintained by Daniel Vincek and Zora Marjanović-Vincek.

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