Culture and Arts Association “Mijat Mašković” was founded in 1943. It has more members than any other organization in Kolašin.

By a decree issued by the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Property of Montenegro in October 2016, the status of non-material cultural good was issued to 14 traditional dances (folklore dances) performed only with a song or rhythm. Their repertoire is consisted mostly of authentic Montenegrin dances, as well as choreographies inspired by old dances from the Balkans. Also, singing groups of this organization perform old and almost forgotten singing techniques, whereas their female singer group is a champion of the most prestigious international competition.

They also founded Kolašin Ethno-Camp, international research laboratory dedicated to dancing and music. The Camp gathers students and professors from reputable education institutions from the region. During August, they take tours through town and village households recording stories about old, as well as contemporary kinds of entertainment and lifestyle. This camp also has free traditional dance and singing workshops led by renowned lecturers.

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