In the past, people used special shoes called snowshoes in order to move freely in spite of the snow on the mountains.

This is an ideal opportunity to conquer mountains with traditional snowshoes, relieve stress, and enjoy homemade cuisine specialties. This can be a single day excursion, or it can last for several days.

You will get to Bjelasica Mountain tops by ski lift, and further on, you will reach Vranjak Eco Katun (katun is a small mountain village made of huts inhabited by shepherds in the summer) wearing snowshoes. There will be mountain tea, mulled wine and rakija prepared and waiting for you, as well as homemade lunch – kačamak with sour milk. During the rest of the journey you can use snowshoes or snowmobiles.

Tours that last for a couple of days have accommodation and food organized either in Vranjak Eco Katun or mountain house “Rudanca” on the slopes of  Tara Canyon.