Adventurists will be attracted by the forest around the climbing spot, as well as the spring, different routes suitable both for beginners and experienced climbers.

There are ideal fields for free climbing. The rock in a place called Biočinovići has three parts 10 to 30 meters high, first of which is near the road, and it takes a walk through the woods in order to reach the other two.

This climbing spot in Biočinovići has excellent conditions, and with its 30 routes it has represented a first climbing experience, facing fear and discovering physical and spiritual strengths and potential. Now it has 31 new routes. Bjelasica, its springs and forests, beauty, represent a perfect, quiet and inspiring ambience for climbers.

How to get here?

After 3 km from town, when you pass the last houses, there is a wooden bridge on the left side, it crosses a mountain river. From there on, you follow the path, next a spring of cold drinking water, it will take one minute to reach the first part. Following a path, you will reach the second and third after a five-minute-walk.

Width: 42 ° 50’13 .18 “Н

Length: 19 ° 34’2 .31 “Е