Ibrištica, Morača River’s right bank tribute, flows from underneath Otska Greda, a hamlet of the Jasenovo Village. It is formed of multiple springs flowing from beneath Ropušnica Mountain. Obtaining water from various smaller springs, it flows through Ibrija Hamlet, which is how it got its name. A part of Ibrištica’s water runs through the ground at the terrain of Ibrija, on the right side of the flow, and flows away through the ground, then springs up in the Morača Monastery, whereas further it flows into Svetigora Stream. For centuries fulling mills and monastery mill were on in, so in the summer, when the water level would fall, water from Ibrištica in Ibrija would be diverted into the ground. Svetigora Stream makes a beautiful waterfall, around 48 meters high right before the confluence with Morača River, over the limestone riverbed and fluvioglacial terrace.

Down the stream from Ibrija, Ibrištica River makes its way through the canyon valley and flows into Morača River, south from Morača Monastery, at the elevation of 214 meters.