If you want to experience something different, Green Stone Apartments are located on a nearby hill in a small weekend settlement, 200 m from train station, 800 m from town center, and 8 km from ski center Jezerine, with beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and the town of Kolašin itself. In the vicinity, there is beech forest, and famous Botanical Garden, and the same road leads up to the church and town center.

The cottage is built of fir, in addition to which green river stone is dominant, and fireplaces in both apartments provide with special feeling of warmth. There is also a large terrace with a view and appropriate lightning, where quietness, view and peacefulness are natural allies which guarantee a good vacation. Apartments have 75 square meters each and they are well-equipped with all the necessary things, complete kitchens, toilet, with two bedrooms on the upper floor, TV, Wi-Fi. There is also parking.

Kolašin is a small mountain town, near which there are multiple natural attractions, easily accessible for a special experience and adventurism. Skiing, rafting, mountaineering, hiking, biking, horse riding, jeep safari, fishing, ethno-villages, restaurants, and other cultural events are a strong reason for you to stay in Kolašin.

Telephone: 067 253 123