Ursulovac Lake is located below Crna Glava, which is the highest top of Bjelasica Mountain at 2138 m a.s.l

The lace is radiant with breathtaking beauty, and tourists are ready to go on the adventure to reach one of the most inaccessible lakes in Montenegro.

Big Lake of Ursulovac is near Kurikuće Village, which is why some people call it Kurikuće Lake. The area of Bjelasica where it is located is on the highest elevation, which is why this lake is much colder, but much cleaner as well. It is at 1896 m a.s.l., 162 m long and 106 m wide. The average depth is around 3 m, which varies depending on water level. Absence of vegetation and and its rock-based bottom make the water relatively clear. The lake is of glacial origin; it gets water from two nearby springs, whereas it does not flow away, but loses water only through evaporation.

Small Lake of Ursulovac is also known as Blatina. It is small in surface and depth, and it is at 1760 m a.s.l. It is located around a kilometer away from Big Lake of Ursulovac. It is 175 m long, 90 m wide and 3 m deep. It never dries out, but it there is a danger of it disappearing. It is used as watering place for cattle.