Morača Mountains are located in the central area of Montenegro. They were named after Morača River. They are an extension of the ridge of Lola Mountain, and Morača River surrounds them on the northeast and east side. On the south side, there are sharp ridges of Maganik Mountain, and on the west, there is a special phenomenon of nature, Mrtvica River Canyon.

It is possible to access Morača Mountains by Međuriječje, through Mrtvica Canyon or by Dragović Field on the north. Because of heavy precipitation during summer, mountains are rich with pastures, and those pastures are made the most of. The most popular place on Morača Mountains is glacial lake Captain’s Lake. It is 480 m long, 380 m wide and 37 m deep. It is located at 1678 m a.s.l. Mrtvica River Canyon is especially valuable. Steep cliffs, narrow passages, beautiful water areas, waterfalls and springheads make the canyon impressive for any visitor. To spend time in this mountain range, and not visit Mrtvica Canyon, would be a true waste.

The highest tops of Morača Mountains are Lastva (2226 m a.s.l.), Zagradac (2217 m a.s.l.), Stožac (2141 m a.s.l.), Vojnovac (2072 m a.s.l.) and others. Its shape attracts many natural beauty lovers.