Great Lake of Šiško is located in the region called Šiška, as well as the mountain with the same name; therefore, the lake was named after it. This lake is of glacial origin; it gets water as snow melts, from its tributaries and precipitation, and loses it through evaporation and it overflows when the lever rises too much. It is located at 1660 m a.s.l, it is around 400 meters long, 140 meters wide, and it can be up to 3 meters deep. It is surrounded with beautiful katuns and forest.

Small Lake of Šiško is located Near Great Lake of Šiško (1 km south). As its name says, this is a small lake. It is around 105 m long and 65 m wide. It gets water the same way – as snow melts, precipitation, and tributaries, but its water is muddier and full of vegetation, which is why at lower water level this lake turns into a swamp. It is around 1.7 m deep and it is mostly used for cattle watering.