B jezero Bendovac

Bendovac (1774 m a.s.l) is the most beautiful viewpoint overlooking Biogradska Gora rainforest. All tours on Bjelasica take a photo break at this spot; therefore it is one of the most visited jewels of Bjelasica Mountain and Biogradska Gora. Dolovi Lalevića Katun (katun is a small mountain village made of huts inhabited by shepherds in the summer) is located in the vicinity, and you can always take a coffe or lunch break with local hosts. Bendovac is very attractive for winter visitors as well – skiers and hikers on showshoes coming from the direction of Lake Biograd or Vranjak. In the fall, when leaves change their color, the landscape gets very attractive because there is a large number of trees (82 species).

The average temperature during the year is around 5° C. July is the warmest month, when the average temperature rises up to 16° C; December is the coldest month, with the average of  -6° C. The month with heaviest precipitation is January, with the average of 262 mm, whereas August is the dryest, with 49 mm.