In the middle of Biogradska Gora, there is maybe the most romantic Lake Biograd. During winter, the lake is covered with thick ice, and you can see a deer or a doe taking a stroll across the lake. The area around the lake is well-adjusted and easily accessible and it is often visited by tourist from the country and abroad. Many foreign and local experts consider this lake the most beautiful on the Balkans. It is a unique temple of nature.

The largest Montenegrin mountain lake is located in the area where used to be glaciers, at 1094 m a.s.l. Its crystal-clear water is obtained from Biograd River and Bendovac Stream.

The lake is 1100 m long and 410 m wide, with average depth of 4.5 meters, which makes it suitable for boat rides and enjoying fresh mountain air and incredible mountain reflections in emerald lake.

This is a place where the nature takes care of itself, and people do not let anyone to disrupt that harmony. Although the lake is open for visits, human influence is reduced to minimum in order to forever maintain its pristine beauty and purity.