Shepherd katun (katun is a small mountain village made of huts inhabited by shepherds in the summer) Goleš is located and 1600 m a.s.l. It has 5 eco cottages with two beds, and one eco cottage with five beds. A toilet is located in the same yard as the cottages. It is important to emphasize that there are panels for solar heating. This katun is 12 km away from Trebaljevo Village, whereas it is 18 km away from Kolašin Town Center. You can get to this katun from the town center, passing through Breza, Radigojno, Trebaljevo, Donji Lumer (a viewpoint towards Lake Biograd and its surroundings), and Goleš. Marked paths lead away from the katun in three directions: towards Lake Biograd, Vranjak, and Crna Glava. There is a separate cottage for preparing food. The food is prepared by the katun hostess. The following food is distinguished from the selection: lamb cooked in milk, baked lamb, cicvara, popara, kačamak, priganice, homemade cream, cornbread, pogača, Kolašin homemade cheese, cow and sheep sour milk, homemade blueberry juice, honey… Goleš represents a certain support and example of the sustainable development. All of the products produced in Goleš are treated under natural conditions, and can be enjoyed by the visitors (natural blueberry/elderberry juice, buckwheat meals, meat meals, and meals made of dairy products).

Adresa: Katun Goleš, Kolašin

Br tel: 068/239-410